If you want to have good and radiant skin at every age- clean it regularly.  Neither expensive creams, nor make-up can cover the damages that impurities can cause to the skin. All beauty experts recommend that you clean your face twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. If you do sports, clean it also after sports to remove all impurities and sweat. It is also recommendable to go to a professional cosmetician once a month for profound cleaning ( peelings, ultra and radio sound, etc) but these visits can not substitute your work at home. You should make the cleaning of your face part of your daily hygiene routine.

According to the type of your skin, you should choose the best cleaning products. The face cleansing usually  consist of the following steps following this order:

  • The cleansing product ( cleansing milk,  foam emulsion, gel)
  • The tonic
  • Cosmetics product ( serum, face cream- day or night, eye cream, SPF cream during the day, etc).

The choice of the cleansing product depends very much on the type of your skin. Oily skin can adapt better to the cleansing gels and emulsions, while dry skin goes well with the cleansing milks. Since my skin is mixed with parts that are oily I prefer the cleansing gels and emulsions.  For instance, the Bulgarian rose washing gel … gives me the perfect sensation of well cleansed and not dry skin at a perfect price. These products are consumed very fast so over expensive products can hit badly your pocket.  It is not necessary that these products are expensive but they should be of good quality and adapt to your type of skin. I believe the products in our online shop respond perfectly to these two conditions.

Attention: If you choose to cleanse your face with gel or emulsion you should us another product to remove the make up from your eyes ( eye make up remover). Clean the eyes only with products that specify they can be applied on them as well. 

Do not skip the tonic as a second step in your cleaning. The tonic balances your skin ph, it removes the last impurities  and has anti-bacterial and calming effect on the skin.

Rose Nature advice: Apply the tonic always on face clean of make up! Do not apply on or under the eye zone. We recommend that you use tonics on water basis and as natural as possible. The tonics with alcohol and glycerine are usually stronger and can dry your skin, so always apply moisturizing product after them.

Take note that the natural rose water and the other floral waters are a perfect natural tonic. You can find them in our online shop.  I spray the rose water also after sports to clean my face from impurities as I do not wear make- up during workout. You can use as tonic all kinds of floral waters- mint, camomile, lavender one. We will go through these kinds of floral waters separately.