Rose Oil and Clay Shampoo-Mask


Exclusive hair and scalp care hair with white clay, natural foamers and Bulgarina rose oil.



Rossana Rose Oil And Clay Nourishing Shampoo-Mask is an exclusive new product delivering a bold, innovative solution for hair and scalp care with white clay, natural foamers, and our signature Bulgarian rose oil. It achieves an uncompromising balance between favorable dermatological effect, cleansing properties, foam volume, and decadent luxury.


Especially suitable for use by people with sensitive scalp, the shampoo-mask is formulated with white cosmetic clay. the softest of all clays


This shampoo-mask:

  • helps stimulate the blood circulation of the head
  • gently cleanses and moisturizes the scalp and hair
  • absorbs greasiness, dust and dirt without causing irritation or over-washing.

Rich in phytonutrients and important minerals, it is an effective cleansing agent that helps soothe tender and inflamed skin.


Coco-glucoside is a gentle, biodegradable, non-toxic, residue-free cleanser, derived from the dried pulp of the coconut fruit, and corn and fruit sugars. This BDIH-approved non-ionic surfactant is among the mildest tensides based on natural, renewable raw materials and is well-tolerated by even the most sensitive skins. Effective as a natural foaming agent, conditioner and emulsifier, it helps smooth out the hair structure and increase manageability.


Natural Bulgarian rose oil enhances the anti-inflammatory, regenerative, and nourishing properties of the shampoo-mask and embellishes it with intricate rose aromas and an enduring sense of vitality and well-being.


APPLICATION: Gently massage the scalp and roots with fingertips to work into a lather. Rinse thoroughly after 3-5 minutes. Use twice a week or as needed.

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150 ml/5.0 fl. oz.