Rose Oil and Clay Deep Cleansing Face Mask


Detoxifying, exfoliating and moisturizing foam mask, regulates excess sebum and eliminates impurities, tones and calms the skin.



Rossana Rose Oil and Clay Deep Cleansing Face Mask is detoxifying, exfoliating and moisturizing foam mask that regulates excess sebum and eliminates impurities, tones, balances and calms the skin. 


Its intense skin care complex of super active glycans (GAGs Booster) and minerals (Vital Mineral Complex), complemented with a unique cleansing system, built with aquatic plant frustules, white clay, and some of the most effective non-irritating natural foaming agents known to man.

For extra impact, small capsules filled with pure vitamins are released on the skin in clean, unadulterated form during the application of the product. Enriched with 100% natural Bulgarian rose oil, this unique face mask detoxifies, balances and soothes the skin, delivers spotless purity and immaculate softness, and wraps it all up in the enchanting aromas of luscious rose petals.


The naturally porous silica gel structures incorporated in this product are the spherical frustules of single-celled aquatic plants, which offer the following benefits:

  • Minute size for gentle exfoliation – smaller than microdermabrasion exfoliation
  • Perfectly oval, naturally formed shape with no sharp edges. Does not damage surface capillaries, unlike crushed stone scrubs.
  • Strong porous structure with ample surface to absorb dirt.
  • Thermally and chemically inert particles with fully natural origin.
  • Natural mechanism for delivering silicon to the skin – essential for building the connective tissue and bones in the body and for maintaining the hardness and density of the skin.


APPLICATION: Apply a fine layer to thoroughly cleansed skin. For optimal results, leave on for 10 minutes and remove excess with a cotton pad. Use morning or evening, one to three times per week.

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75 ml