Rose Aqua Face Mask


Cream mask with natural Bulgarian Rose Oil and Water that charges the face skin with energy and freshness.



This Rose Aqua Face Mask is a cream mask with natural Bulgarian Rose oil and rose water. It is produced by the famous local brand Bulgarian Rose Karlovo: one of the first manufacturers of cosmetics with pure Bulgarian rose oil and rose water.

Using Rose Aqua Face Mask regulalry it:

  • moisturizes and softens facial skin
  • helps smoothing fine wrinkles
  • removes traces of stress and fatigue
  • charges skin with energy and freshness.


  • Natural Rose Oil
  • Natural Rose Water
  • Botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid: cassia angustifolia seed¬† polysaccharide
  • D-Panthenol.

Apply to clean skin in the face and neck zone. Avoid the area around the eyes. Leave for 15 minutes and remove with a wet cotton pad.


Face masks are not magic but they can really help your skin with their highly concentrated form of beneficial ingredients. Make a routine to use them about 2-3 times a week but first be sure to find the best ones for your skin. Check my favourite foam mask with white clay and pure Bulgarian rose oil that deeply cleans and detoxifies your face skin.

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75 ml