In my blog I would like to share with you all knowledge about beauty. Not only the one that costs money but also knowledge that lays as close as in your kitchen.

I believe that the secret of the beauty is to alternate- home made beauty secrets with laboratory prepared and tested face products. However, do not neglect the beauty receipts from our grannies which are as old as the world and in Bulgaria they are actually very, very popular. Eggs, yoghurt, honey, fruits – these are all magic ingredients that can help to maintain our skin as fresh as a cucumber.

RoseNature Shop tip: Do not depend only on home made products but do not oust them out. Alternate with the purchased ones. However, be careful what recipe is good for your skin, use good, preferably bio products and most importantly, not decayed ones. A friend of mine got skin irritation because she used fermented yoghurt so pay attention to these details.

Here the first masks that I try to apply once a week:


Who needs Botox when you have bananas, they say. The bananas are excellent remedy for the skin, they soften and moisturize your skin in a great way and are suitable for all types of skin.

The most simple mask with banana is to smash half of it and apply on clean face.

RoseNature Shop tip: Do not forget the neck, please. It deserves the same beauty treatment as the face!

  • So here the first mask- apply a tick layer of smashed ripe banana on your clean face. Leave it on your face and neck for 15-20 minutes ( you will feel your skin tightened). Then rinse off with warm and then cold water.

RoseNature Shop tip: Water temperature alternations are very good and tightening for your skin. So you can alternate water everytime when you wash your face.

  • Variations of this mask are those with added 1 spoon of honey and  1 or 2 spoons of yoghurt. Gently apply on a clean face and leave it for 15-20 minutes. T If you apply regularly ( once a week ) for 1-2 months in a row and if you follow the rest of our tips for clean face routine, you will notice the difference.

RoseNature Shop tip: After rinsing off the mask, spray some of our floral waters. They act like tonic and have anti-bacterial effect. For the floral waters that we offer, please check our online shop.