You have probably heard about floral waters, but few are the countries in the world that can offer the variety of floral waters that exists in Bulgaria.  On the Bulgarian market you can find floral waters from roses, lavender, Melissa, camomile, geranium and practically almost every other beneficial plant.

Floral waters are prepared from steam distillation. A totally natural way to extract the beneficial ingredients from the plants. Floral waters are not concentrated essential oils (although they can contain very small amount of them), so do not get worried to use them. Oils are very concentrated and strong and if not correctly used and diluted they can cause irritations. This is not the case of the floral waters.

 Me personally I use floral waters a couple of times a day. I use them as a tonic after the make up removal product. I use them before and after sports, after taking a shower. Always on cleansed face, of course.

Their effect on the skin can vary depending on the kind of plant. For instance, the rose water has anti-bacterial and anti-age effect, the mint is hydrating, camomile is calming, lavender water is simply perfect for acne prone skin and so on and so forth.

Rose Nature advice: The floral waters obtained by pure steam distillation are usually extremely natural and one can rarely feel her/ his skin dried but nevertheless pay attention on the properties that every plant has and if they fit your skin needs. Very rarely some concentrated floral waters like the rose one can require the application of moisturizer afterwards.

Include the floral waters in your daily cleansing routine and you will not regret!

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