About us

Hello beauty lovers, welcome to Rose Nature Shop!

We are Amira and Ivelina and this is our #RosenatureShop, a project committed to beauty: online store and blog dedicated to natural cosmetics of the highest quality and famous Bulgarian brands.
For several years we have decided to use exclusively these Bulgarian cosmetics for our daily routine to see what the results are. It is the only way we would recommend them.

Something about Ivelina:

I have been travelling on 5 and living on 3 continents which gave me the chance to see and try many cosmetic brands from all over the world.

Facial care & body routine have always been my passion and I was always curious about:

  • ingredients
  • long-lasting effects
  • how to choose the right product for your skin and hair
  • bio, vegan, organic products and difference between them
  • how to preserve your skin in hard external factors.

Imagine the pollution of Asia or the heat and burning sun of Africa or the altitudes of the Latin American capitals. Your skin always needs a protection and care!

My experience with the years have showed that good, nature-oriented cosmetics is an essential part of the quality beauty routine and the preservation of the youthful skin.
The main thing that enticed me was that cosmetic brands here in Bulgaria are nature and organic and they use local ingredients. In addition, quality-price ratio is good.
So that’s why Ive returned to my roots. The best choice I made in the matter of cosmetics. I hope that they can become the same for you

Something about Amira:

I have been fascinated by this world of endearment since I was a child. My godmother had the most important beauty salon in town, so you can imagine that I was in her salon for hours every day since my childhood.

Those seeds of her’s knowledge are still inside me today and I am grateful to her for awakening in me at such a young age, this immense passion from a lifetime and for a lifetime.

At the age of 23 I moved to Italy and when I finished the cosmetics I had brought with me from my country, at my first salary, I went to a perfumery in Milan in Via Montenapoleane and I’ve bought everything, spending almost all my entire salary of that month. That great is my pathos for the body pampering.

Today I am a therapist and my life is in perfect harmony with Nature, in all its aspects. I know that this is the best way to be the best expression of my being and I invite you too, to discover yourself and maximize your natural potential.

Everything in Nature is dedicated to our balanced life.

As a therapist I can tell you that the vibration of a healthy body is between 62-68 Mhz, and the Nature can help us maintain this vibration.

I can sincerely tell you that I still have friends who call and ask me who is my plastic surgeon. And my answer is: the Nature.

Having both of us lived in many different countries and regions all over the world – Italy, Paris, London, New York, Malta, Africa, Latin America among them, we have seen different concepts of beauty care, different skin care routine, different preferences for products and ingredients.

However, wherever you live, no matter your age – one thing is for sure – the skin care routine is a must that should start from the youth and continue throughout the years.

After trying a lot of cosmetics, of all types and budgets, of all nationalities, with all kinds of ingredients, we’ve stopped at Bulgarian cosmetics.


Here are some very valid reasons:

  • Bulgarian essential rose oil is unrivalled worldwide
    • the essential rose oil has the highest vibration320 Mhz
  • Bulgaria has the largest lavender production in the world, even higher than the French one
    • the lavender essential oil has a vibration of 118 Mhz
  • Bulgarian yogurt is also another famous and very beneficial ingredient in cosmetics and skin care
  • Bulgaria is the largest producer of herbs and spices in the entire European Union, which are optimal in the cosmetics production.

These products are oriented in Nature exploitation, using only organic and natural ingredients.

That’s why we’ve decided to create #RoseNatureShop and share these gifts of Nature with you.

Want to know more?

I’m here to tell you all about the best Bulgarian cosmetics and why you need these products in your beauty box!

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